Be who you are.


The One of a Kind (OAK) is a lifestyle brand created to inspire people to do just that. Through our music, we aim to tell a real and relatable story in hopes that the listener will be able to find themselves in this story and become a part of the OAK experience.  Anyone on the OAK team is putting their story on display and inviting you into it to “grow” with us. Our goal is to produce not just art, but an experience that gives you a better understanding of who you are, who God is, and how you, YES YOU, fit into His plan. There are many different factors that determine the life of an Oak, and just like the tree, we are shaped by our own unique experiences. The art that we produce is representative of this; because just like the music so it is with our lives: “It’s more than beats and rhymes its One of A Kind!”


The OAK was founded by Caleb McCoy in 2014 when he released a solo mixtape titled, The One of A Kind. Since then, The OAK has attracted more artists, musicians, ministers, and partners to support this vision.