Caleb McCoy, Founder and Recording Artist

Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Caleb started his musical journey as a child playing the drums with his family at church on the worship team.  

Even though Caleb was raised with a church background and a musical family, he experienced the negative pressures and hardships associated with inner city adolescence; and got involved with gangs, drugs, and reckless partying. In this season of his life, he formed a local rap group with his friends; and although they enjoyed some success, the music he was making started to cultivate a life style that he wasn’t proud of. In time, he eventually started to steward his musical gift and accept the call that God had on his life as a solo artist. His Christian faith, experiences of inner city street life, and urban philosophy, are rooted in his unique artistry.  He has released a couple projects titled “The OAK”, or The One of A Kind, and the OAK Season 2; and he has an EP out called The Fall, as well as other music available on all digital retailers. Caleb’s original sound has allowed him to share it everywhere from churches, schools, and even to bars and clubs throughout the Country.  The OAK is about inspiring people to find their One of A Kind purpose, through an authentic artistic experience.